The Google Pixel Fold 2 could come with a radical redesign

The rumored Google Pixel Fold 2 could sport a significantly different design to its predecessor by ditching the camera visor and potentially taking the phone in a new direction. 

That’s going by claimed renders of the next-generation Pixel Fold shared by reliable leaker @OnLeaks in collaboration with SmartPrix, which shows off a new design that tracks with supposed photos of a prototype Pixel Fold 2 that popped up earlier this month. Do bear in mind it’s unclear whether these renders are official ones that have leaked from Google or have been created based on early CAD information.  

If these renders are accurate, then Google may be switching its established horizontal camera layout for a raised, curved, and slightly rectangular camera island. This new design features two elliptical-shaped bars stacked vertically, housing what appear to be three cameras, the third circle is most likely a focusing sensor but could also be a temperature sensor like the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

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Google introduced the eye-catching camera visor design with the Google Pixel 6 in 2021. And since then, all subsequent Pixel phones have used that camera design. 

However, according to OnLeaks and SmartPrix,  more design changes are coming. The inner camera is tipped to adopt a cut-out design rather than being placed in the bezel like that of the Google Pixel Fold. But its placement appears not to have shifted too much and is still located in the top right corner of the screen.

Aside from camera updates, the render points to a thinner and sleeker phone with reduced bezels. This would be a welcome update from the original Pixel Fold, which was noted for its chunky bezels. The Fold 2 is expected to be larger than its predecessor too, as, according to Smarprix, the phone measures about 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27mm when unfolded. It also could have a squarer shape when unfolded and a larger cover screen, which is expected to grow from 5.8 to 6.4 inches.

 Familiar design

A leaked photo of the Pixel Fold 2

(Image credit: Android Authority)

As mentioned, the renders resemble a previous leak of the prototype Pixel Fold 2. Both the past leak and the new Pixel Fold 2 renders show the charcoal version, a departure from Google’s typical vibrant options. However, it’s expected that the final version will offer a range of brighter colors.

The release date for the Google Pixel Fold 2 has yet to be confirmed, but the phone could be announced at Google I/O 2024, which is believed to be held in early May as with previous years. However, the same source previously said the Pixel Fold 2 could launch at the same time as the Google Pixel 9, which isn’t expected until October 2024.

Although some will be sad to see the Pixel Fold 2 potentially drop the unique Pixel visor, this new design could provide a seamless transition when zooming and switching between sensors due to their proximity. It’s currently unknown if this new design is unique to only the Pixel Fold series or if it represents a new look for all Google Pixel phones. However, due to Google’s strong adherence to design uniformity, the prototype Pixel Fold 2 design could represent a new look for future Pixel phones. 

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